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What is Pesticides?
Organic pesticides can allow farmers to control pest and diseases in plants without resorting to conventional pesticides. This does not necessarily mean that they are safer to use. Organic pesticides can be as damaging to the fauna/flora in the environment as chemical pesticides. However, in comparison to chemical pesticides, they can be much more easily decomposed by the environment.
Benefits of Pesticides
The benefits of pesticides include increased food production, increased profits for farmers and the prevention of diseases. Although pests consume or harm a large portion of agricultural crops, without the use of pesticides, it is likely that they would consume a higher percentage. Due to the use of pesticides, it is possible to combat pests and produce larger quantities of food. By producing more crops, farmers are also able to increase profits by having more produce to sell. Pesticides also increase farm profits by helping the farmer save money on labor costs. Using pesticides reduces the amount of time required to manually remove weeds and pests from fields. In addition to saving crops and livestock, pesticides have also had direct benefits to human health. It is estimated that since 1945, the use of pesticides has prevented the deaths of around seven million people by killing pests that carry or transmit diseases. Malaria, which is transmitted by infected mosquitoes, is one of the most commonly known and deadly diseases that has decreased in prevalence due to the use of pesticides. Other diseases that were minimized due to the use of pesticides include the bubonic plague, which is carried by rat fleas, and typhus, which is transmitted by both fleas and body lice.
Use of Pesticides
What do you think is the main goal of agriculture? Agriculture was developed to produce crops and livestock for human consumption. As the human population increases, the amount of food produced is very important. Unfortunately, there are other organisms out there that want to consume the crops that are meant for humans. It is estimated that nearly 37% of all crops produced in the United States each year are destroyed by agricultural pests, which results in an economic loss of around $122 billion a year. Due to this high loss in food production, pesticides are often used to try to combat the problem. Pesticides are chemicals that kill or manage the population of pests. There are many different types of pesticides on the market today, but the most common are Fungiside and insecticides, which kill or manage unwanted plants and insects. The damage caused by agricultural pests is a global problem, and over the past half-century, the amount of pesticides used has increased fourfold. Over the years, the widespread use of pesticides has had several benefits and also caused many problems.

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