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Bio Insecticide

Bio Insecticide (Larvicide)

We manufacture a research oriented 100% organic bio pesticide. It is prepared by many meditational plant extract and anti replant Agents which control the entire crop from all most caterpillar and other pests. This is the mixture of Anti replant agents which is control to reoccurring of the pest on the crop.
Due to 100% organic product there is no side effect on crops, Animals and Humans.
It saves the crop which is damaged due to Insects attack. And give 100% production and yield to our farmers.
(As per the survey 50% crop production is less due to insect attack.)

Importance of Larvicide in crop production

This is 100% organic product so there is no side effect on crops, Animals and Humans.
Our Product save the entire crop from all type of caterpillar, including lepidoptera, heliothis, DBM and other caterpillers.
It has anti replant agents which are control to reoccurring of the pest on the crop.
It has waiting period up to 15-20 days.
It gives maximize Output by best possible yield
it keeps plant healthy and resist to Insect attack.
Bio Insecticide is very easy to use and can be sprayed along with other Plant growth promoters, insecticides and fungicides.
Bio Insecticide is available in Bulk packing of 50 Ltr and 200 Ltr Drum and also we do the JOB work and Establish in your Brand in different packing size.


Our organic Bio Pesticide for foliar spray can be mixed, Plant Growth promoter and other Fungicides. It is easy to apply.
For all Crops: For all time save the crop from insects use 100-150 ml/Acre before occurring the insects on crop.
At the time of insect attack immediate use our Organic Pesticide 100-150 ml/Acre. Mixed with 100-200 liters of water and spray accordingly.
For better result repeat the second spray after 15-20 days.
For details of recommendation of crop, dosing and pest please go throw the attached file.

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