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Inorganic Micro Nutrients Mixture
(Foliar Spray)

Inorganic Micro Nutrients Mixture state wise for foliar Spray Applicationis an inorganic micronutrient mixture for foliar spray this is enriched with all the micronutrients, like Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Boron, Copper and Molybdenum in most balanced and in easily available form as per the Fertilizer Control Order. Plant Micronutrients are necessary for plant growth. There are several principles that apply to plant nutrition. Some elements are directly involved in plant metabolism. The returns of applying micronutrient-enriched fertilizers could be huge for human health, social and economic development. Research has shown that enriching fertilizers with micronutrients had not only an impact on plant deficiencies but also on humans and animals, through the food chain. The supply of nutrients by way of soil application (is restricted) in some soil conditions such as High pH, High Lime content and inadequate water supply may not be fully available to plants. The particular advantage of foliar application of Inorganic Micro Nutrients Mixture foliar Spray is that it supplies nutrients directly to the various metabolizing parts of the plant. Importance of Inorganic Micro Nutrients Mixture foliar Spray in crop production


It Correct the imbalance of Micronutrients in Crops

It play major role is as activators in numerous enzyme systems.

It improved Higher crop yield,

It Wide spread use of N-P-K fertilizers

It gives maximize Output by best possible yield

It Helps in the lowest possible nutrient losses through leaching, fixing, Immobilization.

It keeps plant healthy and resist to fungal and bacterial diseases

It increases the number of flowers and fruits per plant

It Controls shedding of flowers and just set fruits

It increases the overall yield and quality of the fruits.

It is very easy to use and can be sprayed along with other insecticides and fungicides.

It is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 Liter pack size.


Inorganic Micronutrient Mixture for foliar spray can be mixed Fungicides and Insecticides. It is easy to apply.

For Field Crops:Â 1 liter Inorganic Micronutrient Mixture for foliar spray should be mixes in 350-400 liters of water and is sufficient for two acres (2.5ml Inorganic Micronutrient Mixture for foliar spray in 1 liter of water).

For Horticultural Crops :Â Spray Inorganic Micronutrient Mixture for foliar spray 500 ml after dissolving in 200 liters water 20-30 days before flowering and second spray after fruit set.(i.e. : when fruit attains bean size).

For Seedling:Â Inorganic Micronutrient Mixture for foliar spray should be mix @ 1ml/Liter and spray on the nursery plants to get healthy and vigorous seedlings.

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