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Zinc Salphate Hepta Hydrate 21

Zinc Salphate Hepta Hydrate 21is a very Special Technical grade of Micro Nutrients for Soil Application. This is enriched with Zinc and sulphur is most balanced and easily available form as per the Fertilizer Control Order 1985.

Deficiency symptoms:

Correct the imbalance of Micro Nutrients in Crop, Play Major role is as activators in numerous enzyme system, Improved Higher Crop Yield, Keeps plants healthy and resist to fungal and bacterial diseases, Increases the number of Flowers and fruits per plant, Increases the overall Yield and Quality of the fruits.

Dose and application method:

For Soli Application: Apply Zinc Salphate Hepta Hydrate 21 (5 - 10 kg / Acre) at the time of sowing or transplant.

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