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Super Spreading/Sticking Agent

Super Spreading/Sticking Agent is a concentrated multipurpose super spreading agent, contains a blend of bio-degradable, non-ionic surfactants and an emulsified silicone type anti-foam preparation. These are widely used in agro application that increases the efficiency, boosting wetting spreading and penetrating properties in liquid agriculture bio organic formulation, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, Herbicides, nutrient foliar sprays, & Liquid Fertilizer. Tremendously by ensuring very good and even spread of them on the surface of leaves.


Super Spreading/Sticking Agent Low Surface energy hence high wetting power, Our Super Spreading/Sticking Agent Better spreading leading to better protection, its Better protection leading to better yield, Its Improves coverage of the spray both in the soil and on plant surfaces, its Herbicide or insecticide retention on plant surfaces can be increased, extending control and contact, its Assists in suspension of wettable powder preparations for even distribution throughout the solution, Its Helps reduce excess water in root zone by allowing deeper penetration. Reduces evaporation, Its Enhances leaf cuticle permeability, increasing rate of penetration of herbicide through the leaf especially in dry weather, Its Helps condition liquid nitrogen fertilizers to accept pesticide formulations, Its Virtually eliminates foaming problems in the tank, it Helps reduce erosion, it Helps retention of valuable top soil, it Moisture is more readily absorbed into the soil with deeper penetration, less runoff, it Keeps sprayer clean, lubricates pump and sprayer nozzles, it Superior root development may be realized do to greater moisture availability in the root zone, Its Mixes completely in seconds.


Foliar spray Crops : Rice, wheat, sugarcane, corn, cotton, All types of Vegetables, All types of Fruits, All types of Flowers, Ornamental plants, grass lawns, cereals, pulses, oil seeds, Commercial crops, trees, orchard, green house, nurseries etc.


Foliar Spray: Dilute 10ml in 15 Liters of water mix with all liquid agriculture, bio organic formulation, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, Herbicides, nutrient foliar sprays, & Liquid Fertilizer for better results.

NOTE: For 1 acre about 100ml required for each time.
CAUTION: It is an Organic substance of slightly Alkaline in nature. So avoid contact with eyes/mouth. If spilled on skin, wash with plenty of fresh water for remedy.
EXPIRY: Use within two years for better results.

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