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PGP/Bio Stimulants

Plant Growth Promoters or Bio Stimulants are substances which improve the overall health growth and development of plants. These substances may be either synthetically produced or obtained from Biological derivatives.
Plant Growth Promoters (PGP) or Bio Stimulant are effective in improving the crop, Nutrition Uptake, quality and productivity significantly. PGPs, or Bio Stimulant especially biological derivatives are more effective and safe. They can be recommended for all crops.

Plant growth Promoter's or Bio Stimulant benefits

Rapid development of a healthy gut micro flora
Stabilization of digestion
Increased growth performance Stimulation and rapid maturation of the immune system
Reduced incidence of diarrhea
Improved feed efficiency
Lower mortality rates
Higher profitability

We manufacture different formulas in organic fertilizer or Plant Growth Promoters or Bio Stimulant which is made by very pure Bio or Organic active ingredients.
We design and develop a wide assortment of Products.

Potassium humate, Amino Acids, Fulvic Acids, Nitrobenzene, Seaweed Extract, Asscophylum Nodusom, Folic Acids, Carboxylic Acid, NATCA N-Acetyl Thiazolidine 4 Carboxylic Acid, Gibberellic acid, Brassinolide, Cytokinin, Triacontanol, Indole Acetic Acid, Protein Hydrolysates, other N-containing compounds, Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate and other Biopolymers.

We offer a range of organic fertilizer on Powder Form, Granules Form, Liquid Form, E.C. Base, S.C. Base, S.L. Base and many more as per client requirement.

Recommended Dosage:

We manufacture organic or Bio Fertilizer in different combination and different concentration depends on client requirements.
Liquid Fertilizer (Plant Growth Promoter or Bio Stimulant)
Dose from 20 Ml to 5 Liter Per Acre
Granules Fertilizer or Bio Organic Fertilizer
Dose from 2 kg to 50 kg / Acre
Dust Fertilizer (Plant Growth Promoter or Bio Stimulant in Dust Form)
Dose from 50 Gm to 1 kg / Acre
For these products please specify the Active ingredient % so we can quote the best rate for you.
2. These are our regular formulation if you need other formulation please specify your requirement with Active ingredient %.
3. We provide the JOB Work Also with your Brand.

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