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Manganese Sulphate 30.5

Manganese Sulphate 30.5is very rich by Manganese and Sulphur. This is important for normal functioning of many enzymes, nitrogen metabolism and carbon dioxide assimilation. It help to control the deficiency of Manganese in many crops.

Deficiency symptoms:

Rice: Chlorotic patches between veins are first noticed on younger leaves. Wheat: Leaves show interveinal chlorosis with grayish yellow to pinkish brown specks of variable size confined largely to lower portion. At later stage, specks coalesce forming streaks or bands in-between the veins which remain green. Acute deficiency may lead to drying of whole plant. Pulses: Interveinal chlorosis and mottling in young leaves is noticed. Brown lesions in cotyledons are commonly noticed.

Dose and application method:

Foliar Spray: Dissolve 2.5 g of Manganese Sulphate 30.5 in a litre of water and spray liberally on both the sides of leaves. First spray should be 30 days after germination / transplant. Repeat the sprays at 20 days’ interval.

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