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Copper Sulphate 24

Copper Sulphate 24activates enzymes and catalyzes reactions in several plant-growth processes. Vitamin A production is closely linked to the presence of Cu as well, and it helps ensure successful protein synthesis. Classified as a micronutrient, only a small amount of this essential nutrient is needed for plant survival. Many vegetable crops show Cu hunger, with leaves that lose turgor and develop a bluish-green shade before becoming chlorotic and curling.

Deficiency symptoms:

Copper deficiencies are mainly reported on organic soils and on sandy soils that are low in organic matter. Copper uptake decreases as soil pH increases. Increased phosphorus and iron availability in soils decrease Cu uptake by plants.

Dose and application method:

Soil Application: Copper Sulphate 24 Soil application @ 1.5-2 kg copper sulphate / ha once in 4-8 years is recommended.

Preparation of 1 % Bordeaux Mixture: Copper Sulphate 24 1kg in 50 Ltr water and Calcium Carbonate 1 kg in 50 Ltr mix separately and than mix both and spray as fungicide.

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