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Chelated Ferrous 12% (EDTA)

Chelated Ferrous 12% (EDTA)plays an important role in synthesis of chlorophyll which is essential For photosynthetic activity. It is also required for chemical reduction of nitrate and sulphate and in nitrogen assimilation.

Deficiency symptoms:

Rice: Interveinal chlorosis in streaks is noticed. Drying of leaves starts from tips and margins. Under severe conditions, leaves become white and die. Wheat: Deficiency of iron is manifested as interveinal chlorosis of upper most leaves. As deficiency intensifies, leaves turn almost white and die. Pulses: Yellowing of interveinal areas of young leaves is commonly noticed in iron deficient plants. Severity leads to pale-white discoloration of leaves.

Dose and application method:

Foliar Spray: Dissolve 1.0 gm of Chelated Ferrous 12% (EDTA) in a liter of water and spray liberally on both the sides of leaves. First spray should be at the time of flowering Repeat the sprays at 15-20 days interval.

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